Arabella Fighter

Awesome little girls are a set of tiny collectable figurines that set out into the world to battle global issues. Wearing their little marble helmets they fight to save endangered species, they fight to conserve water, they fight to save the forests and they fight climate change. They are fighter girls making the world a better place.
These army girls set out to create awareness to society and to aspiring young girls that they have the power to change the world. They are not to be underestimated by their size as they can be carried around in your pocket wearing their mean little pink helmets. They address gender inequality and the strive for feminism in a new and fun loving way.

Who said girls can't be fighters? Who said girls aren't independent? Who said girls can't fight for change? These awesome little girls prove us wrong and show us just how powerful they are. Each of them come with a note talking about each cause they are battling and an organization that you can be a part of to help them win this battle.

The endangered species girl is a tiny forest nymph, the protector of the forest owl, the blue whale and the snow leopard. She can be seen caring for the owlet and riding her guardian blue whale and almost has become leopard like with her leopard tail and spotted hair. You can be a part of "Earth Rangers" [] which is an organization that educates children and their families about biodiversity inspiring them to adopt sustainable behaviors, and empowering them to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats.
The save water girl is a rainbow haired girl saving raindrops and covered with ocean glittering foam. You can be a part of "The Water Project" that shares tips on how you can save water from your very own home.
The forest saving nymph army girl is covered with leaves from head to toe with flowers on her helmet she sets out to save the forest to prevent climate change. You can be a part of the Chairtree Foundation [] which gives kids a tree of their own to plant. They also organize camps and event that educate children about the environment.

These awesome little girls are a team that encourage one another to battle these environmental disasters and in turn education children about the little things they can do to help save the environment too.

Arabella Fighter Arabella Fighter