Tara de Souza

Tara de Souza is an Industrial Designer

Based in Brooklyn

Design as a method to reform political standpoints.

Challenging stigmas over causes such as mental health and immigration rights.

Focusing on product development, user experience, abstracted 3D forms and illustration.

Destigmagatizing Depression


This campaign raises awareness, through a wristband that’s intent is visual shock. By wearing this wristband you are supporting your friends and family members that are suffering from depression. Depression is a social issue. 1 in 5 American adults suffer from depression. That means that 4 out of 5 people care for someone suffering from depression. This project exposes the fact that everyone supports someone or the other suffering from this mental illness.

Destigmagatizing Depression
Assistive Device

Assistive Device

Medical Design

The brief was to develop a medical assistive device to aid patients suffering from mild Celebral Palsy.
The devices is to help patients grip objects of different circumfreneces after loss of strength in muscles in the hand.

Medical Design

Medical Design


The Spiral is a medical instrument designed in consultation with Dr. Neil Sperling. Designed to make cochlear implant surgery less invasive. Spiral is a cost-effective solution for medical professionals and makes inner ear surgery more comfortable for patients.

Designed in collaboration with Dr. Neil Sperling, Lenox Hill Hospital.

UX Design


UX diaries explore different apps for different projects, I would like to create an app that could improve and modify our experiences.

These are my thoughts on what the future of technology combined with apps could be as our planet will become uninhabitable because of all the destruction we have caused,.

UX Design
Undocumented Design (Holding Patterns)

Undocumented Design

Holding Patterns

Family members seeking asylum are separated at the U.S. - Mexico border and marked with a number on their arm. The legal period of separation is 1 month. I.C.E (Immigration, Customs Enforcement) allegedly broke federal law by extending this period.

This henna pattern incorporates the number given to them and it fades over a period of 1 month, helping track the legal time period. The pattern keeps family members connected to one another, providing emotional support during this separation period.

Created in partnership with the New Sanctuary Coalition,


Undocumented Toys

Toys Without Legal Status

This project exposes the illegal activities of I.C.E.

I.C.E views documents presented by immigrants to decide if they are eligible to seek asylum, but instead these documents are shredded.

These paper mache figurines are made from shredded paper, inspired by the striking colors of the famous Mexican Alebrije folk art sculptures. More than “made by hand,” these designs preserve craft traditions & provide employment in Mexican communities.

Created in partnership with the New Sanctuary Coalition, NYC.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Chewing Gum Packaging

During the COVID-19 lockdown, everyone experienced what it is like to feel isolated. Both COVID-19 and Flu result in similar effects on the emotional state of a person suffering from depression.

This medicinal chewing gum packaging design brings awareness to this cause. The readily accessible information promotes sensitivity to people suffering from depression by bringing its isolating nature to light.

Mental Health

Mental Illness

Invisible Identity

Depression is difficult to identify because it is an invisible illness.

Invisible Identity is a series of safety pins, each depicting different stages of depression. They are worn in support of family members and loved ones suffering from this illness, giving depression an identity of its own.

Created in partnership with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) NYC

Mental Health
Vinyl Fence


Vinyl Fence

This project uses vinyl more sustainably.

It is a modular fence that can grow in size and be configured to the requirements of the user. It is easy to install and has planters so that city dwellers can be in touch with nature.

This project explores joineries and studies the properties of vinyl. It identifies areas of improvement.

Presented to the Vinyl Institute, NYC.



Sustainable Umbrella

A research-intensive study into the manufacturing of umbrellas. This study exposed numerous harmful production methods while focusing on umbrella life-cycle, materials and the social and environmental impact of mass umbrella production.

The study identified ways to reduce the impact on the environment, providing an alternate social interaction with umbrellas.

Magnetic Vest

Magnetic Vest

Camera Mount

The challenge - to design a camera mount specifically for rock climbers that could capture climbing in a new and unique way.

This magnetic vest gives the rock climber the freedom to capture their climb from many dynamic angles.

This project won the design challenge sponsored by GoPro and Redbull.

Instrument Design

Instrument Design

Ukulele Aesthetic

Pushing the boundaries of form and communicative aesthetic into the functionality of a ukulele.

Exploring sound, material and form to create music using piezo contact microphone pickups.

Instrument Design

Convexity Form

In 3D

Forms inspired by the fluidity of the human body, flaunting all it's curves and posture and dynamic a-symmetry balanced from every position, drawing your eye around, over and under the dominant, subdominant and subordinate relationship.

Psychedelic World

Psychedelic World Of You And Me

Pop Up Book

It is about the human and his dark emotions, exploring their existence together and realise that together they can create this colorful, magical yet imperfect world.

Together they are invisible,dreaming surreal dreams,surrounded by glowing colors. Without each other this world does not exist. The beauty of our humanity is explored through two mystical characters as they have chidish fun and relish in the trip of life.

Psychedelic World
Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

A Pop Up Story

A pop up souvenier map of the brooklyn botanical garden that helps you navigate through this world looking at all the wonderful creatures that live there in their natural habitat.

Giving children the tactile ability to feel and remember their experience through three dimensions and time.

Shadow The Sheep

Shadow the sheep who stays on in nightmares

A Collectible Toy Series

When you count sheep before you fall asleep, the last one is always forgotten as you drift into a deep slumber. That sheep will continue to feature in all your dreams, be they nightmares, daydreams, hallucinations, technicolor or black and white dreams.

This project explores Shadow who features in nightmares. Shadow takes shape from all the feathers in your pillows, forgotten lacy socks lying beneath your bed and cotton bed sheets. He becomes whatever you dream.

Shadow The Sheep
Arabella Fighter Girl

Awesome Little Fighter Girls

Children's Toy Line For Water Conservation

A series of collectible toys, the Awesome Little Fighter Girls battle for various causes relating to water conservation. The Awesome Little Fighter Girl series shows girls that they can have their own voice and help save our planet.

Wearable Art

Wearable Art

Under The Microscope

Wearable art inspired by the intricate patterns of vitamin C as seen under the microscope.

Participated in the World of Wearable Art competition

Wearable Art
Bubble Pod

Bubble Pod

Lighting Design

A night lamp that takes you back to a time when bubbles were the simplistic joys of life.

Bubble pod gently puts you into a deep slumber, showering gentle light upon you as you lie in bed waiting for sleep to take you on a dreamy adventure.