" A Psychedelic World of You and Me" is about the human and his dark emotions, exploring their existence together and realize that together they can create this colorful, magical yet imperfect world and explore the adventures of the mind and soul.
Together they are invincible, dreaming surreal dreams, surrounded by glowing colors.
Without each other this world doesn't exist. The beauty of our humanity is explored through the two mystical characters as they have childish fun and relish the trip of life.

"How nice would it be,
To live in the land of
You and me.
Where the mushrooms are trippy
And the weeds grow pretty."

"Don't trip just skip,
This world doesn't tick.
You can fly up high,
If only you try."

"Whatever you think
Can be yours in a blink.
Your dreams can come true
But only with you!"

"The moon is ours,
Even the shooting stars.
With song in our souls,
And your toes in my toes."