Designing a space travel app for the future generation on the assumption that space travel in the future will become part of our everyday life as our planet will become uninhabitable from all the destruction we have caused over the years as well as technological advancement.

Top online behaviors where tablets and PCs are falling behind smartphones

2018 is the first year where we've seen people actually abandon the PC for specific activities, with these devices drastically falling behind smartphones and tablets for online behaviors of those who own all three devices.

Just a year ago, the dynamic was different, and computers were still prevalent for activities such as Wikipedia, emails or search.

After research into numerous travel agencies, competitors such as virgin galactic, Tesla, NASA as well as dwelling into astrological websites, holiday booking sites, airplane tracking apps, VR companies and finding inspiration from cosmic color palletes I came up with an app that allows you to experience space travel from a 4-Dimensional sense.
I decided to create an application as the statistics indicate the usage of smart phones are still at the top of the graph however with PC/laptop not that far behind.

overall Findings

  • -There was a strong interest in wanting to travel into space.
  • -There was an interest in tracking rockets and rocket launches.
  • -Interest in experiencing climate of planets via your smart phone.
  • -Curiosity of wanting to personally be able to feel what it's like to travel like an astronaut.
  • -Demand for features like shifting camera, constellation map/calendar to find stars and their events, space walks, ability to see upcoming events in space like a meteor pass. VR
  • However for training to go into space most people wanted a physical experience of training and not a VR training.

User Personas

  • Stev
  • 35
  • Business Leader

-Alerts for cosmic bodies while traveling.

-Cosmic Tourism

  • Alice
  • 39
  • Astrologer

-Interested in constellations

-Discovering new celestial bodies

-Star gazing

  • Kevin
  • 28
  • Entrepreneur

-Wants to see upcoming space events

-Compatibility with a VR Headset

Final Wire Frame


Requirement i.e Space Health Insurance
Holiday Packages, Honey Moon Packages

Talk to other Astronauts
Touch, Texture, Heat, Wind Sensitivity
Point to a planet and hear stories
Create your own constellations

Travel Sight Seeing Alerts

The goal of this project was to analayze and compare the user experience of Duolingo for an average and an accessible user. The final deliverable was a new feature or system that would help increase the experience of using Duolingo for those with additional needs.
I choose to focus on a fully visually impaired user and tested the site while blindfolded along with the help of the voice over in the accessibility setting on the iphone 8 to best understand and experience.
By exploring the application, looking at forums, talking to people and conducting a competitor audit I was able to find where Duolingo currently exceled, lacked and perhaps other areas its competitor's did better.