Venyl Fence

Grow2 is a modular fence that uses vinyl in a more sustainable way.
This class helped me understand the properties, characteristcs, shortcomings and advantages of vinyl as a material and to use it in a more sustainably.

In the design process I studied joineries to make Grow2 as easy to install as well as making it customizable for a modern look so that this modular fence could be used in cities as well as small towns.

Problem with current vinyl fences

Doesn’t go with the aesthetic of houses in the city. Not modular.
Additional planters are needed to be added.
Existing fences immitate wood and is not true to itself.
They come in various types of immitation wood but not a lot of color choices.
They require a lot of labour to install.
Vinyl fences go into the landfill after it’s lifetime is over.

Problem with current venyl fences
Modularity Ideation

What is GROW2?


GROW consists of 2 modules.
Using these 2 modules you can create different variations for your fence. Module 1: 18” X 18” X 3” It comes with four holes on top and 2 pegs below.
Module 2: 18” X 4.5” X 3” It comes with one hole on top and one peg below. The holes on top allow for the peg to fit in to grow the length and height of the fence.


In our mundane city life we desire to be closer to nature. With planters incorporated into the module it is possible to make that wish come true. Growing plants around your home incorporated into your fence.


You can choose the colors and the planters.
It is adaptable to any size lawn. Have an odd sized space? No problem!


GROW is a modern fence, blending into the aesthetic of our homes today.
It gives us a new aesthetic to fence design possibility.


Our return and recycle program.
You can give back the blocks for a discount for new blocks or add credit to your account.


It is made out of vinyl which is highly durable in nature.